What you Need to Know Before Adding a Second Storey Extension

What You Need to Know Before Adding a Second Storey Extension
April 2, 2019 Total Lifestyle Builders

In today’s market, it’s becoming increasingly more attractive to stay put and build onto an existing property. A second storey extension is an easy way to give a growing family more space or make an investment in a property to appeal to a broader range of future buyers.

But, deciding to add a second storey still needs careful consideration before going full steam ahead. Here’s what you’ll need to know if you’re serious about a major renovation.

How much will it cost?

What You Need to Know Before Adding a Second Storey Extension | Total Lifestyle Builders | 2nd Storey Extension | Home Extensions Brisbane

There’s no doubt that a second storey extension is a significant investment. If you’re still wondering whether to build up or out, there is often more costs associated with ground level extensions. For one, a new foundation will need to be laid when extending out, meaning you’re saving those costs instantly when adding a second storey. More importantly, when you build out, you must sacrifice that same amount of metres of precious yard space when you extend your home’s footprint.

Often people will consider moving over adding a second storey, but it’s usually not a cost-effective route to take. If a family is outgrowing the current home, buying a larger house is likely to come with a bigger mortgage than your existing property. Not to mention getting a removalist, along with the emotional cost of moving. It is always a little daunting leaving a home you’ve come to love, as well as a neighbourhood. Extending negates the need to leave a home that you love!

How to choose a builder?

Choosing the right builder can make the process of adding a second storey pain-free. Selecting the wrong builder can make the entire duration of the build an arduous task. Someone with extensive experience in the exact renovations you’re planning is a must.

Total Lifestyle Builders have completed decades of second storey extensions, so we know exactly what we’re doing and have the customer testimonials to back it up!

Planning permits for extensions

What You Need to Know Before Adding a Second Storey Extension | Total Lifestyle Builders | 2nd Storey Extension | Home Extensions Brisbane

No one likes dealing with local council when it comes to home extensions, but they are a necessary part of the process. It’s a requirement to submit a planning application before the work commences, but at Total Lifestyle Builders, we offer hassle-free renovations and take care of all the red-tape work for you.

Relocation fees while construction occurs

At Total Lifestyle Builders, we can work around you! That means most of our customers can remain living in their current house while second storey extensions are being completed, saving them money on rent. We aim to make the renovation process as painless as possible.

A seamless blending of new and old

In any renovation, the client can choose to either create a seamless addition by keeping the original features of the home or modify the look to suit a new theme. Should you choose to create a seamless feel, the construction should be completed as such that anyone seeing your property for the first time would not know that you’ve just undertaken a major renovation. At Total Lifestyle Builders, we are licensed, registered professionals, who can help turn your vision into a reality. We offer advice on the best course of action, to not only ensure that the correct materials are used but that the finished product integrates perfectly into your existing dwelling. Take a look at our before & after gallery if you’d like to see how a job that’s done well is meant to look.

We’ve completed many second storey extensions that we have an extensive understanding of the do’s and do not’s, this is where experience counts. At Total Lifestyle Builders, we now offer custom design and construction services for your home extensions, with a 3D walkthrough of your vision before final plans are locked in place. Contact us today to take the first step in making your dream extensions, a reality.

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