Using Brick as an Interesting Design Feature

Using Brick as an Interesting Design Feature
May 10, 2015 Total Lifestyle Builders

Brick is one of our oldest building tools, and there’s a good reason. Not only is it sturdy and safe, but it’s also beautiful to look at. Brick can lend atmosphere and character to any home, and if done correctly, can transform a dull area of your house into an incredible artistic experience.


A brick hallway, in an entrance way, for example, can set the tone for your home. A red brick passage offset by wood flooring or earth-toned artwork, can give a castle-like atmosphere to an already impressive structure, and it also conveys a sense of sturdiness.

Painted Hallway

A partial or full brick hallway in your home can be painted to help blend with your current color scheme. This can help lend  a multi-textured feel in your home, and even though it’s brick, you can still hang artwork and shelving from it with some work and the proper mountings. Plus, you never have to worry about accidentally making a dent in your wall when you’re hauling a couch down the hallway.


A brick column can be the subtle centerpiece of any room. It conveys power and changes the flow of the entire room so that whoever is there, has to notice it. As a pillar in the middle of your home, it can be used to help gauge where furniture should be placed and can be used as a focal point for artwork.


Brick in bathrooms, if done right, can provide a rustic, yet sleek look. Again, because of its insulating properties, brick is a nice choice for the bath. Also, because it’s brick, it won’t matter if it gets wet. Brick is easy to clean and difficult to harm.

IMG_3923Accent Wall Living Room

The accent logic can easily extend to the living room, where a brick wall is just the thing for a conversation piece, a great way to offset the paint scheme of the room, or just a neat accessory to draw the eye.



Accent Wall Bedroom

Now we’re getting into where brick can really stand out in a modern home. As an accent wall, brick can lend a dynamic feel to any room, including the bedroom. Having a brick wall behind your headboard is extremely eye catching, and can be used to offset the look and feel of not only your bed, but the entire room. Plus, the vibrant colors of the brick should go well with any art you chose to hang. Lastly, with brick being a natural insulator, it will help to keep your room hot in the winter and cool in the summer.

In conclusion, even though you may not have considered brick for inside of your home, there is good reason to think about it. It’s durable, gives character, and offers style. It also can be used in diverse applications from a column, to a hallway wall which is then painted over.  Turn a feature in your house to a place of interest by incorporating brick.


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