Transform your home with these renovations

Transform your home with these renovations
July 24, 2019 Total Lifestyle Builders

Do you love your home, but don’t have enough space? You’re not alone! More and more Australians are turning to renovations to create the home of their dreams. In the September quarter of 2018, the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that private investment in alterations grew by 11% from the previous quarter in 2017. In total, during that period, $9.896 billion was spent on building renovations by Australians.

If you’re one of the many Australians looking to jump on the house renovation train, but you’re not sure where to start, keep reading. At Total Lifestyle Builders, we’re passionate about delivering solutions to suit your family’s lifestyle. In this blog, we go back to basics and discuss the types of renovations that could help you transform your home.

Second storey extension

Home Renovations

Second storey extensions are the perfect solution for multi-level living if you have a brick home. Whether you’re looking to add a parents retreat, a guest area or a home office, a second storey addition is a fabulous choice. When you choose to add a second storey extension with Total Lifestyle Builders, we will aim to work around you, allowing you to stay in your home during the renovation. That’s right – you can put the money you saved not having to rent, back into the renovation.

Want to look at some renovations we’ve completed for our clients? Take a look at our before and after gallery and our recent projects.

On-the-ground home extension

Have a little extra space on your block? If you’re willing to give up some of your yard space, an on-the-ground home extension could be the perfect solution. These extensions can often be built while your family remains living in the home. On-the-ground extensions are great solutions for:

  • Adding a new bedroom
  • Extending your entertaining area
  • Creating a home office space

House raise

One of the more complex renovations, a house raise, is when a Queenslander, or similar style home, is raised to allow for extra space below. With house raises, you can choose to keep the new under-house area open or closed.
Open under-house renovations are perfect for garages or entertaining spaces while enclosed under-house renovations allow multi-storey living with added rooms below.

Major renovations

Home Renovations

But what if none of these additions match what you’re looking for? At Total Lifestyle Builders, we work with you to find the perfect solution for your family. Whether that be an addition or a major renovation. And, while you may have an idea of which addition may work best, there may be another way. Take Shane for example. Shane and his family were looking to add a second level to their house. However, after meeting with the client, the Total Lifestyle Builders team recognised there might be another way to achieve the result Shane and his family were after. Our team then presented Shane and his family with two options – one for a second level extension and another for a whole-house renovation. They chose the whole-house renovation. Take a look at the completed renovation.

Want to renovate but not sure what will work best in your house? Contact Total Lifestyle Builders to talk to one of our consultants today.

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