Top Reasons To Renovate Your Home

Transform your home, transform your life.

Throughout life, things change. As our lifestyles and families shift and move, so does what we need in a home

Your changing lifestyle means that your current home doesn’t quite fit the bill anymore, but what do you do?

Your growing family. That early home was a great start and you love your neighbourhood, but now that your family is getting bigger. Two bedrooms really need to be four and an ensuite has become a must. By considering a high-quality home extension, you can expand your living space along with your family without the hassles and emotional stresses of moving. We are the experts in second-level and ground home extensions, custom designed and built to your family’s specific requirements.

Your family is getting older. As your children grow up, families often want a bit more space for their own activities. Whether that be a luxurious parent’s retreat, just the thing to escape at the end of the day or study and entertaining areas for rowdy teens. Total Lifestyle Builders will discuss all of your needs and custom design a solution perfect for you.

Your adult children are moving back in. When your empty nest starts to fill back up again, the needs of your house are going to change drastically. Total Lifestyle Builders are the experts in working with you to reconfigure your home, giving everyone the space they need with areas to be together as a family. Every situation is different as is every one of our projects.

You have the worst house on the best street. The great thing about living in the worst house on the best street is how easy it is to turn your house into the best with the help of Total Lifestyle Builders. Not only are we the Queensland experts in home extensions, but we also update and seamlessly integrate your current home and facade. The result is a fresh new look for your home, with all the features and space you need. Don’t throw away your position in a great neighbourhood just because your home doesn’t fit anymore. Let Total Lifestyle Builders give you the house that fits.

redesigning your home

Your private sanctuary, away from it all.

You just need more space. Would you like extra space for entertaining, another room for the kids to play in, more storage? A custom designed home extension is the answer. We work with you to redesign your house, a tailor-made solution for your space needs. A second-level extension is a great way to make the most of your current block, providing all the extra room you need without sacrificing land and garden area. Our specialist consultants are there to support you throughout the design process and have great ideas for utilising existing ‘dead’ spaces in your home, giving you even more room for living.

You would like to increase the value of your home. It may be that adding on to your home is a great way of increasing its value for the real estate market. Do potential buyers in your area demand a parent’s retreat, rumpus room, entertaining deck, extra garage space? Total Lifestyle Builders can tailor a solution for you. With professional, experienced design advice, we can help you make the best of your home.

“We also love the area and didn’t want to leave, but nothing else in the area really suited. We now have a house that suits our needs perfectly in an area that we love.”

The Foschiatti’s

Freedom is space to breathe

a home remodel may be the answer for your changing needs.

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