The Top 10 Renovation Mistakes Beginners Make

The Top 10 Renovation Mistakes Beginners Make
August 10, 2017 Total Lifestyle Builders

Planning a renovation? Whether it’s an extension or a makeover for the master bedroom, with any renovation the main aim is to add value to your home, not devalue it.

But many people spend up large and get a nasty surprise when they don’t get the expected return come resale. Don’t fall into the same trap, check out these rookie renovation mistakes and steer well clear!

1. Poor planning

Not having a master plan in place means that you’re likely to overspend on your budget and run out of money. Good planning gives you an estimation for keeping your budget on track and how much time the reno will take. Renovation works should be undertaken in a logical order with careful thought given to each stage and budgeted accordingly, always factoring in a buffer.

2. Worrying about the neighbours

Tailor your renovations to the general resale value of the neighbourhood. There’s no point trying to keep up with the Joneses. You could get left in a pickle financially because your house is worth more than the rest of the street.

3. Not streamlining extensions

An extension can add extra room, extra income and increased market value. But simply adding an extension without giving thought to how it fits in with the rest of the house is a sure-fire way to devalue your home.

4. Going over the top with fittings

Spending too much on expensive fittings can quickly blow out your budget and purchasers won’t be keen to pay extra for imported taps and ovens. Stick to sensible, stylish choices that fit in with your overall design.

5. Overlooking the outside

Outdoor entertainment areas are very popular (especially in Queensland) so neglecting this area of your property is likely to be considered a negative rather than a positive. Likewise, removing trees can devalue a home so keep them pruned and looking neat.

6. DIY jobs

Building reports don’t lie. If you try to cut corners with a DIY illegal extension or by installing your own plumbing and wiring, it will come out in the wash, and you’ll spend boatloads of cash to make it legal. Always work with experts who know what they’re doing and who have years of experience and referrals to prove it.

7. Do your homework

Faulty internal structures can lead to big losses down the track. Always get a builder to check factors like subfloor structure and internal walls before undertaking a renovation. Overlooking basic factors can be a safety hazard and end up damaging other parts of the house.

8. Neglecting interior design

Renovations need to complement existing design elements and tie everything together. For example, if you have a character home, a new contemporary kitchen could stand out like an unsightly sore thumb unless you bring in some character elements to tie it together.

9. Unresolved repairs

Starting a renovation with outstanding repair work is like spending up large when you already have a visa bill. Fix dripping taps, broken fences and broken tiles before you start the next project.

10. Hastily choosing a builder

Choosing the right builder is crucial for a renovation that adds value. Don’t just go for the first one you find online or one who is recommended by friends. Look for a builder who communicates well, can provide a breakdown of labour and materials and has reviews from satisfied customers.

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