The 2019 Interior Design Trends That We’re Loving

The 2019 Interior Design Trends That We’re Loving
September 25, 2019 Total Lifestyle Builders

We’re over halfway through 2019, and it’s been a pretty significant year for interior design and decor trends. We’ve seen some big comebacks, and we’ve seen some trends wholly flipped on their head. That’s what we love about interior design; it’s constantly evolving with fresh trends and inspiration. Below are some of our favourite trends that we’ve seen so far in 2019:


Vintage home decor is a trend that has resurfaced in 2019 – and one that is likely to continue into 2020. Rather than purchasing items that are mass-produced in factories, people are favouring hand crafted, bespoke and upcycled decor items. Today, there is a great focus on individuality, and this focus has carried over into interior design. People are loving unique pieces and materials that have a story behind them. At Total Lifestyle Builders, we love this trend because it allows you to add character and incorporate your personality into your home.


Reminiscent of the 1970s, curves have made a comeback when it comes to interior design. From large, voluptuous sofas and rounded consoles to circular rugs and lamps, this retro trend is a juxtaposition to the previously sleek and angular lines we often saw in modern home decor. Trend forecaster Phillip Fimmano says, “People want to create a home where they can cultivate everything human, as if designing one’s own sanctuary.”

Plants and Greenery

Let’s be honest, when it comes to decorating homes, plants have never really been out of fashion, and they’re likely to remain a popular choice for the foreseeable future. However, in 2019 there has been a stronger focus on greenery in our homes, and why shouldn’t there be? Plants are an integral part of our ecosystem, after all.
This year, rather than scattering plants throughout our homes, people have instead been choosing to have a concentration of plants in one room or perhaps even on one surface, creating a mini-jungle effect. Some of the most popular plants and trees in homes recently have been Chinese money plants and the banana leaf fig plant which looks similar to a gum tree.


The texture is essential in all materials and surfaces in the home today. We often see all of the grain in wooden flooring or decor, and more people are opting to stain wood rather than paint it and conceal the texture. Concrete is often left rough and untouched. Exposed brick has become massively popular. Patina is a term that refers to fading, darkening and other natural signs of age and we see a lot of metallics in the home with patina where they are even left to oxidise and rust, again adding more texture.

Textual art is also a major trend in 2019. Jono Fleming, the editor of Inside Out, says that “There’s a trend in art that moves away from static-framed pieces and towards bringing art into the home with different materials. Throws are becoming the new affordable canvas. They’re really woven artworks that work practically at the end of a bed or sofa, but can also be hung on the wall as a softer, more tactile feature”. So we are really seeing texture incorporated into homes in every way possible this year.


Pastels are such a beautiful addition to the home – they can brighten a room and add a splash of colour without dominating the entire colour scheme. This year we’ve seen pastels splashed across walls, furniture, decorations – everything! The most popular colours we’re seeing are Peach and Coral, and rather than incorporate these colours into a wider palette, people are opting to layer variations and shades of the same pastel which results in a very blended and put together look.

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