Spring Clean Your Bedroom

Spring Clean Your Bedroom
September 1, 2015 Total Lifestyle Builders


Now spring has sprung it’s a good time to focus your attention on giving your bedroom a thorough sprucing – after all we spend so much time in here, it should be as clean and tidy as possible to ensure a good night’s sleep. Keep reading to find out how to tackle a bedroom spring clean from top to bottom.


Using a clean, dry microfiber mop or feather duster, dust the ceiling, walls, blinds, vents, fans, shelves, lamps and corners. Pull out dresser furniture and move the bed to reach every corner.

The Floor

Vacuum the carpet if you have one, and any rugs, you can use a carpet cleaner and rug deodoriser to make them smell nice. Alternatively make your own with a cup of baking soda, a cup of cornflour and a drop or two of herbal essence. Sweep and/or mop wooden floors.

The Bed

Strip all your bedding including your mattress protector and wash. If you’ve been using a winter doona put aside the inner to be dry cleaned. Pillows can usually be put in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Putting the pillow in the dryer with a couple of tennis balls will buff it back into shape. Air the mattress outside or flip it if you can to distribute wear and tear. Lightly sprinkling with baking soda and leaving for an hour then vacuuming is also a good way to freshen up your mattress. If your bedding is a bit old and tired, brighten up your bedroom decor with a new doona cover.

Windows & Curtains

If your curtains are easily removed then take them down and put them in the dryer on cool to remove dust for 15 minutes. Venetian blinds should be wiped with a dry microfibre cloth. The easiest way is to shut the blind so the slats face down and wipe vertically and then horizontally, open and shut so they face up and repeat.

Clean the windows with glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth. Alternatively using vinegar and water with newspaper is an old-fashioned trick that works to make them sparkle. Clean woodwork trim and hang curtains back up straight away to avoid wrinkles.

The Wardrobe

Remove all your winter clothes and fold into piles ready for storage in boxes or plastic bins either back into the wardrobe or a spare room. Bring your spring and summer clothes out of storage and put on hangers for easy access. Any items you haven’t worn for two years or don’t intend to wear again should be set aside to be donated to charity or given away to friends or siblings. Vacuum, dust and clean the wardrobe before you put your things away neatly.

Dresser Drawer Refresher

Dresser drawers can smell musty after being shut up all winter. To remove smells a tip is to fill a plastic container with white vinegar and punch holes in the lid and place one in each drawer to absorb odours overnight. A dish of baking soda can also do the trick.

Give your room a final vacuum and spray some lightly scented herbal air freshener or add some reed diffuser sticks. Your bedroom should feel fresher and smell delicious, all ready for the coming warmer months.

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