Redesign Your Brisbane Home

An investment that will last forever

Here’s why improving your home is a smarter option than moving.

$40,000 in costs in selling, buying and moving for the average home

Let the family stay in the community they love

Building on vacant land usually means increased commuting times

Custom design extensions to suit your family’s lifestyle compared to “mass produced” homes

With the help of Total Lifestyle Builders, you can create a stylish extension (either second level extension, ground extension or a house raise) that gives you that much-needed extra space without the trauma and expense of moving house.

Not only is there the logistical nightmare of packing and shifting, but there are also real estate agents to wrangle, finance questions to answer, and legal headaches to resolve. On top of that, you have to cope with the fact that you’re uprooting your family and leaving your local community behind!

The great news is that renovating or extending your home has none of these drawbacks. In fact, renovating with Total Lifestyle Builders often costs less than moving — and you get to keep the house, the friends and the neighbourhood you love!

The Total Process. As Southeast Queensland’s leading Queensland specialists in home extensions, we can help you to remodel your house and turn it into the home of your dreams. We’ll take care of everything from initial concepts and designs right through building approval, and the construction of your home extension.

Over the years, we’ve done hundreds of extensions to all types of houses. We really can help you to remodel your house and turn it into the home of your dreams!

Top 4 motivators for our clients to extend their homes:

Extra room for grown-up children
Extended family moving in
To increase your home’s value
Extra space for entertainment, recreation and storage.

Finding out how easy it is to improve your family’s lifestyle is as simple as giving us a call on 3367 8222.

redesigning your home

Affordable innovation

At the end of the day, you’re left with your dream home, where you want to live, and your perfect lifestyle.

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