Raising your Brisbane house: how to do it and why

Raising your Brisbane house: how to do it and why
August 12, 2018 Total Lifestyle Builders

When homeowners investigate ways of creating more space in their houses, they’ll often consider extending out first. Many don’t think about the third option, which can be very convenient for homes in Queensland in particular. Up and under extensions.

House raising has been widespread in Brisbane for many years, as the iconic Queenslander is often already built on stumps or stilts, and is ideally suited to this type of home extension. To build up and under makes more sense for houses with particular characteristics, which we will cover in this article. Read on to find out how your property could benefit from being raised.

Why raise your house?

Keep your yard space

One of the main reasons homeowners choose to raise their house is to maintain their already limited inner-city yard space. By creating more living space underneath your house, you’re leaving plenty of room in your backyard to install a pool down the track, keep your dogs happy, or even indulge your green thumb and create a veggie garden. But we know what you may be thinking: why not just add a second storey to your home? Well, that leads us to our next point.

Not all homes are suitable for second storey extensions

Many homes are not structurally capable of bearing the additional weight of a second storey. And sometimes council restrictions can prevent you from carrying out second storey extensions. In Brisbane, there are strict regulations regarding heritage homes and maintaining their appeal, which can make home renovations challenging. However, raising the house and renovating underneath will preserve heritage features while adding that much-needed space!

Increase the value of your home

To build up and under creates more room in your house, which can increase its market value. Large family homes in the inner city can be hard to come by, often getting snatched up quickly and for an impressive price. Owning a valuable property can provide better peace of mind, even if you don’t intend to sell anytime soon. If your house is in an up and coming suburb, its value will only increase, and could have you sitting on a gold mine in just a few years!

Add logical storage space

Having a lot of stuff is human nature. And as our families expand, so do our possessions. Is your attic or garage starting to get a little crowded? Or perhaps you store items under your home, but the crawl space makes locating them a massive hassle? Adding storage space on the ground level makes the most sense. You don’t have to haul heavy objects up ladders and storing objects such as electronics in a cool, low area means that they’re less likely to become damaged due to soaring temperatures in summer. Raising your house to provide more accessible storage space is often the best option for expanding households. It also allows you to convert the area into a carport for your family vehicles, safe from those raging Queensland storms!

What type of homes can undergo house raising?

Brisbane homes made of brick or brick veneer, and those placed on a concrete slab, are unable to be raised. House raising is ideally suited to timber-framed properties that are on stumps or brick piers. It’s also possible to move a house from one location to another and then raise it. So you could keep your existing home, change neighbourhoods and create more space all in one hit. You really can have it all sometimes!

How do I raise my Brisbane house?

House raising needs to be carried out by a team of qualified professionals as it can be quite the engineering feat! It involves lifting the property up off its existing stumps using hydraulic jacks, to achieve the desired height. Builders will add new supports and place a concrete slab underneath. Before any of this can happen, however, a property assessment needs to be carried out, and designs need to be drawn up to evaluate the effectiveness of the plans. You will need to consider local council regulations and any site restrictions that may pose a challenge. A builder with remodelling experience will be able to walk you through this process with ease. It’s important to choose the right company for an up and under extension. One that’s knowledgeable, skilled, transparent and reliable will manage your home renovations efficiently.

TLB are major home remodelers with many years of experience producing successful house extensions and renovations for countless Brisbane homes. Our professionalism and expertise have provided many Brisbane homeowners with more spacious, practical and elegant properties. If you’re looking for a specialist in house raising, contact TLB today!

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