Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

Planning an Outdoor Kitchen
March 12, 2014 Total Lifestyle Builders
Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

In the last couple of years, outdoor kitchens have become the must-have item for homes. You can take your favourite aspects of an indoor kitchen outdoors including grills, refrigerators and funky cabinets. But there is one major difference – everything needs to be properly waterproofed.


The first item that probably comes to mind when thinking of appliances for your outdoor living space is a barbecue grill. It’s what will turn your outside area into an outdoor cooking space. And there are a few options for outdoor grills from prefab to something that’s been customised for your space.

You could even go for something extravagant like a drop-in stove with six burners and a gas kit.

Outdoor Cooking Options

While the BBQ is the most common outdoor cooking option, there are a few other features you could consider to maximise your space and turn it into the ultimate gathering area in your home.

  • An outdoor fireplace turns your outside space into an outdoor cooking haven. Just imagine congregating around the fireplace outside and cooking up your family’s favourite fares on a gorgeous, clear evening.
  • If you’d prefer something a little more casual, opt for a firepit complete with rotisserie and skewers and even a grill for over the open flame.
  • An outdoor oven is also ideal for your outdoor kitchen. As far as outdoor ovens go, consider a stone pizza oven or built-in brick oven.

Making the Most of Your Outdoor Kitchen Space

Just like your indoor kitchen, you’re probably going to want space to prepare things. If that’s the case, consider outdoor, weather-treated storage cabinets and countertops to go with the theme of your kitchen and décor. Brick or stone are perfect materials for the outdoor counters.

If you’d like to use the outdoor counter space to eat on instead of a traditional table and chairs suite, make sure the eat-on counter is about 15” deep and 24” wide per person.

The storage cabinets should be waterproofed and the good news is there are a variety of woods that are rot-resistant, like redwood. Stainless steel to match the BBQ is another modern, popular option for cabinets.

Of course, every kitchen needs a sink. Your outdoor sink should either be connected to the house’s water supply or it can be fed with a hose. Stainless steel and ceramic are great choices for outdoor sinks.

Do remember to keep your outdoor kitchen sheltered from the elements when you design it. You’ll need a shelter over the area, but not over the BBQ area as the smoke will need to ventilate. During the design stage, consider proper flooring. Stay away from slick materials such as marble and tile.

Top Gadgets For Your Outdoor Kitchen

From side burners to warming drawers and well-stocked bars, the outdoor kitchen has become the hub of the home. That means that you can get some nifty gadgets for your kitchen.

Himalayan Salt Plate

You need not worry about uneven cooking outdoors. By placing food on top of a Himalayan salt plate, you can increase the flavour of your food as it cooks right through. They’re perfect for everything from fish and meat to vegetables.

Outdoor Ice Machine

This is one seriously convenient outdoor gadget. An ice maker is great when you’re entertaining and all you need to do is plug into a socket in your outdoor kitchen. So they’re easy to install and some come with wheels so they’re portable too. Place the ice maker next to your outdoor fridge for convenience.

Popcorn Popper

Making popcorn on your outdoor grill is really easy – and saves you from having to go inside. Barbecue popcorn poppers tend to have really long, cool-grip handles so you won’t burn yourself handling it. They’re also easy to clean and good fun for kids and adults alike. Most poppers also have a mesh lid to allow steam to escape easily and lid is perfect as a serving bowl.

An outdoor kitchen space isn’t just for those who enjoy entertaining, you can maximise your space with the right accessories and furnishings to create your own outdoor escape.


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