Managing Home Renovation Budget Blowouts

Managing Home Renovation Budget Blowouts
June 8, 2017 Total Lifestyle Builders

You know those home renovation TV shows where a couple are shouting at one another, making a big ol’ scene in the street, all because they’ve blown their budget again? While these make for great entertainment (and we’re sure they’re all set up by the network), it’s not something you want to experience in your everyday life.

Managing your home renovation budget doesn’t need to be quite so dramatic. While unforeseen costs may arise, you can plan for these by having a financial safety net. Follow these simple tips and you should be able to avoid an embarrassing argument privy to the whole neighbourhood.

1. Make a realistic work and financial timeline.

Get out your pens and pencils or download your closest Gantt chart app because it’s time to get planning. Managing your finances always begins with setting realistic goals and sticking to them as best you can. Set out your budget wisely – do you really need the gold gilded sconces or will the wrought iron ones look just as good? Take into consideration your income and your existing savings, as well as major events in the upcoming year (or however long you realistically think your renovations will take) which will require extra finances. And always round up when approximating the cost of resources.

2. Know what permits you need.

Many people don’t think about permits until the last minute, and this can be their ultimate downfall when it comes to budget crisis’. Getting your extension or renovation plans past local council can be like trying to jump through rings of fire at a circus. And they can take a long time to be approved. Make sure you take this into account in your initial planning and do your homework! We can help you get your plans across the line.

Your work will have to pass specific regulations. So if you’re thinking about undertaking structural building yourself, and you aren’t a qualified builder, you might want to think again. There have been horror stories of home extensions failing to pass regulations and being torn down completely. What a waste of money! Don’t get stuck in this trap; it’s far wiser to play it safe and hire a professional.

3. Hire trusted renovation specialists.

If renovating sounds like a lot of work, and you already lead a busy lifestyle, perhaps the best option is to simply hire a company that specialises in home renovations. At Total Lifestyle Builders, we have an entire team of fully qualified builders to do the work for you.

We’ll help you organise your permits, and design and build what you want, exactly to regulation. The best part? We’ll provide you with fixed contracts and prices so you can rest assured that your budget will stay on track. The research to carry out home renovations by yourself can take hours alone, not to mention the stress of getting something wrong and having to start over. Leave it up to the professionals for a safer, more secure option for your finances.

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