Innovations in Smart Technology for Homes

Innovations in Smart Technology for Homes
January 12, 2016 Total Lifestyle Builders


Designed to make life easier, and less stressful, smart technology means you can now operate many of your household appliances and systems with a touch of a button on your Smartphone. There are lots of smart devices on the market but are they all necessary? We take a look at the areas in the home where innovations are having the greatest impact.


Lighting is one of the essential components of any home and there have been big advances in LED lighting. Lighting can be controlled to set the mood of a room, change colour or dim with a touch of a button on a phone or tablet, or by voice activation. Obviously being able to switch your lights on and off when you’re on holiday is a huge benefit for security purposes.


Multi-room entertainment systems no longer rely on cables and wires but Wi-Fi, that great Aussie invention. Home automation is so sophisticated nowadays that with an iPad or remote control you can listen to different music in every room of the house, play a song without getting up from having dinner at the table, or stream a movie from your phone to the TV. The possibilities are endless.


With all the superior technology going on in homes these days, it makes sense to be able to use it for keeping your possessions and your family safe. Wireless security systems make it possible to keep an eye on your home from your Smartphone or iPad no matter where you are. Innovations include monitoring the kids from your iPad when they’re playing outside or supposed to be doing homework, getting a text message alert if there’s a window breakage, and automated door locks with facial recognition capabilities.

Appliance control

Anyone who loves gadgets will want to connect as many of the appliances in their home to smart devices. While being able to turn on the coffee machine remotely before you get out of bed is a luxury, setting your heating or air conditioning before you get home has benefits for your electricity bill and the environment. Zone-based thermostats take things a step further by using motion sensors to only heat or cool the rooms people are using. Being able to check if you’ve turned off the iron or put the garage door down, does have its benefits too.

If you’re thinking of spending money on smart technology for your home, keep in mind that the best innovations are those that improve the way you live, are cost efficient and are easy for the whole family to use.


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