Landscaping for Small Backyards

Landscaping for Small Backyards
December 6, 2019 Total Lifestyle Builders

The backyard is an important staple of every Aussie’s childhood and no doubt you have many memories of swinging around on the Hills Hoist or playing backyard cricket. Nowadays, block sizes have, on average, decreased considerably, and people are using their backyard spaces differently. Read on to find out how to make the best use of your backyard, no matter how small it is.

Think big by thinking small
If you’re about to landscape for the first time, or are about to redo your yard, think about what you want to use your space for. Are you more of an entertainer than a sportsman? Are you all about low maintenance or does your green thumb make your neighbours green with envy? Having a plan for your outside space will make the outcome a lot more rewarding.

Having clearly defined spaces in your backyard will give the perception of space. Make sure your entertaining area is separate to where kids will play, or where you store your tools and equipment. If you can, have a designated space for a small shed or tools area that is not in prominent view of where you and your guests will be relaxing or playing in. This will keep things tidy and ultimately give the perception of more space. Sometimes, less is more. If you don’t have a huge backyard, keep some space free and don’t overplant or overcrowd the yard. As with any space at home, clutter can have a minimising effect.

Know your hibiscus from your hydrangeas
If you want to create a sense of space in your yard, planting the right trees and shrubs will go a long way to making the yard feel bigger than it is. Planting tall, narrow growing trees along a fence line, or sectioning off a part of your garden will make the space feel larger. Choose trees or bushes like magnolias, bamboo or cherry blossoms. Look out for Purple Pillar Hibiscus at your local nursery to add some colour to your yard, and avoid plants like hydrangeas or rhododendrons. Plants that spread outwards rather than up will, of course, take up more space and make your yard feel even smaller.

Get some perspective
If you’re in a home on a 405m2 block, you might be looking out the kitchen window to your yard wishing it had the same flair as inside, but you’re not sure what to do. Creating a focal point or feature will add depth to your outdoor space. Having something like a water feature, a garden bed or statement piece of art, such as a statue, can bring the focus forward, giving your yard greater depth and perspective. Ultimately, this will make your backyard feel much bigger.

You can also add to the feeling of space by layering your garden with plants of different heights. Think about planting low-growing flowers closer to your entertaining area or back door and leaving the tall narrow growing plants for further back, or on the fence. By doing this, you’ll create different levels to your garden, adding that sense of space.

Total Lifestyle Builders are committed to increasing the space you live in. The great outdoors is an extension of your home, so contact us today to see how we can truly give you more space to live in.

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