How to Hide Clutter

How to Hide Clutter
September 28, 2015 Total Lifestyle Builders

how-to-hide-clutter-total-lifestyle-builders-thumbHow to Hide Clutter

If you’re generally disorganised or a bit of a hoarder, chances are your home may not be as tidy as it could be. But don’t worry, even the most disciplined homemaker has a kitchen junk drawer where everything gets chucked or a box full of old clothes in the wardrobe. Here are some quick action tips to get the clutter under control (or at least temporarily disguised).

Manage Magazines

There’s nothing wrong with having a few home and garden magazines on the coffee table or in a nice magazine rack to make a lounge feel homely and lived in. But if your magazine habit is taking over your floor space and gathering dust it’s time to take stock. Be ruthless and choose a few current issues only to keep and display and box up the rest to take to a second-hand store or the recycling tip.

Edit Bookcases

The same goes for bookcases. If you aren’t careful, they can turn from an eye-catching focal point, to being overstuffed with books and a dumping ground for knickknacks. Take out everything so the bookcase is empty, then only put back in your most loved novels, and a few accessories. Anything you aren’t likely to read again can be donated to friends or the local bookshop.

Under the Bed

We’ve all heard the saying ‘sweep it under the carpet’ so why not follow this rule and hide clutter under your bed? This is a much-underutilised space and can store a multitude of things if you pack them in well, such as out of season clothes, winter coats, shoes and books. Yes, even those old magazines you haven’t got around to taking out of the house yet.

Furniture With Storage

If your house doesn’t have much storage space, then invest in furniture that also doubles as storage. This is a great way to effectively hide children’s toys, remote controls and extra bedding at a moment’s notice. Think window seats, ottomans, and bed frames with drawers. Cross your fingers no one decides to take a peek inside.

Attractive Baskets

If you don’t have the time or the budget to purchase furniture with storage, then a few baskets in different sizes can be a temporary solution and add decorative flair to your home. These can be used in the lounge, the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, anywhere that has clutter that needs to be organised. Don’t think plastic though, go for wicker, wire or wood.

Clear Kitchen Counters

Kitchen counters are magnets for clutter. An overload of food items and appliances looks messy and minimises the amount of space you have for food preparation. Bare is best in this case, with all appliances and cleaning products housed away out of sight. Two acceptable things to have on your kitchen counter are: a tray by the stove for the items you use most for cooking – salt, pepper, garlic, olive oil, etc. – and a fruit basket to encourage healthy snacking.

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