How to Create a Luxury Master Suite

How to Create a Luxury Master Suite
August 11, 2019 Total Lifestyle Builders

There often comes a time when a house is no longer the dream home it was when you moved in. Maybe the children grew older and moved out, perhaps that man-cave took over more space than you expected or perhaps it just needs an update. Moving house can take up a lot of time, energy and finances. So what is the best option when you need a change? Sometimes, a bit of creative thinking can make your home feel brand new and treating yourself to a new luxury master suite can be just what you need.

Think outside the box

Renovating your house is a big task, and generally, homeowners will do it section by section. Sometimes renovating won’t give you the significant change that you need. A splash of paint can indeed brighten up a room, but if it’s more space or different functionality you’re after, it’s probably better to build an extension.

Quite literally, if you cannot alter the design of your existing floor plan, thinking outside of the box by building out or up can be the ideal solution. Building a house extension can, more often than not, allow you to still live in the house with minimal disruption to daily life. If you are on a smaller block and cannot expand outwards, think about how to build an extension on an upper level of your house. Perhaps this means creating a second story to your home, and therefore you’ll need to factor in the design of bringing both levels together. If you’ve got the room to expand on the ground floor, think about the flow of your floor plan and where the master suite will fit in best.

Either way, your new luxury master suite should fit in with the rest of your existing house. It’s essential to think about the rest of your home and how the master suite will blend in as if it was always there. The best extensions are the ones that don’t feel like extensions. Once you’ve decided where your extension will be built, the next step is to make the interior space your haven.

Make it your own space

A master suite should be a place of peace, relaxation and comfort and should be designed to fulfil the exact purpose you want and need. After all, this is a space that you have the freedom to make truly your own as it’s not every day you get to customise an entire section of your house.

It’s important to think about functional design and what you want from your master suite. Is it merely a place for you to sleep? Or is it also a space where you can unwind with a book or in front of the TV? The functionality will impact the way you design your master suite, so it’s crucial to know what you want from it before you start designing. Once construction begins, it will be hard to change your mind, so be sure to think big before finalising plans. Check out this fantastic example of how creating your perfect space can change the feel of your whole house.

There are many ways you can make your luxury master suite truly yours. Furnishings are of course a very personal thing and when you think about it, while you’ve got the chance to customise this space to suit you totally you’ll be able to make everything personal, even down to the tile grout colour you choose. Picking colours, textures and finishings that reflect the vibe you want from your space will have a greater impact on how you feel once your master suite is finished.

So now that you’ve got a plan for your master suite, the question remains about what your original space will be used for. Will it become that guest bedroom that you’ve desperately needed or will it become another living area? Perhaps giving this space a fresh start will be just as exciting as shifting into your master suite.

Total Lifestyle Builders will help you from the idea stage right through to the completion of construction, guiding you through the best options and designs to make your luxury master suite a place that is truly yours to call home. Contact us today!

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