How Much Does a Second Storey Addition Cost?

How Much Does a Second Storey Addition Cost?
August 10, 2017 Total Lifestyle Builders

There are a lot of myths running rampant about the cost of second storey extensions, and we’re here to debunk them.

A second storey extension is often the most convenient for homeowners seeking extra room. It means they don’t have to leave a neighbourhood that they’ve grown to love, a house that they’ve raised children in, and avoids the hassles of buying new and moving. So, how much exactly does a second storey addition cost?

Well, there’s no exact answer, as every second storey extension is different and it depends on the size and scale of your design. But wait! Before you run off, we want to outline the costs that you can expect and give you some tips for avoiding paying too much for your extension.

Busting second storey cost myths

Building up vs. building out

There are definite financial benefits to extending up rather than out. If your house is situated on a large block of land, you may be considering building an extra room onto your existing home. If you extend on a ground level though, you’ll need to lay a new foundation, which can, more often than not, end up being more expensive than simply building on top of an existing one.

Second storey extension vs. moving

If you’re outgrowing your current home, you may also consider moving. When doing this, however, you need to consider the cost of buying a new home, paying off another mortgage, and getting a removalist. Not to mention the emotional cost of moving. Leaving a neighbourhood that you’re comfortable in, and a family home you’ve come to love.

Packing and unpacking is also a major stress, as is the financial overlap that can occur when waiting for one house to sell and for the deposit to be paid on the new one. All of these costs add up quickly and need to be weighed up with how much an extension would set you back. Most of the time, the inconvenience alone is enough for people to opt for a second storey extension instead!

Making informed decisions based on a realistic quote

The good news is that weighing up your options won’t cost a thing! If you’re still trying to decide what the best course of action is for you and your home, certain building companies that specialise in extensions, such as Total Lifestyle Builders, are happy to answer any of your questions, free of charge. All you need to do is give them a call or head over to their showroom, and they’ll talk you through any concerns. They’ll be honest and upfront about the pros and cons of your situation to assist you in making an informed decision.

If you decide that a second storey extension is the way to go, Total Lifestyle Builders will develop a full concept design, complete with a 3D walkthrough, that will be credited towards the cost of your extensions. Once you’re happy with the design, they then prepare a report outlining the inclusions for your home extension and provide you with a preliminary cost estimate, which is typically accurate within 5%.

Fixed fees

If you’ve watched any renovation reality TV show, you’ll know that extensions can be blown WAY out of budget. But with a trusted, experienced and professional second storey extensions building company, you can rest assured that all factors will be considered to avoid this. Total Lifestyle Builders offer their customers a fixed-price estimate when they sign their contract. This means that if anything goes wrong, you need not worry because you will have already agreed upon a price.

We also believe in taking the stress out of home extensions by taking care of everything for you. We will organise building approval, ensure minimal disruption to your daily life, and we won’t subcontract our carpenters. Total Lifestyle Builders are honest and upfront when it comes to the cost of your second storey extension. There are no sneaky add-ons along the way, which is often the crux of the misconception that second-storey extensions are expensive. If you take the time to make an informed decision and deal with only a professional second storey extension specialist, financially, you’ll end up coming out on top!

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