How much does a home extension cost?

How much does a home extension cost?
January 8, 2019 Total Lifestyle Builders

Living arrangements are beginning to feel cramped in your home, and you decide that it’s time to look into gaining extra space to accommodate your growing family. But the thought of packing up and moving out of a neighbourhood that you have grown to love, and a house which has been your family home for years, fills you with a deep sadness. So you decide to look into a house extension instead.

But where to start? Most homeowners begin with price. How much does a home extension cost? This is a broad question and one that can be difficult to answer because every property and renovation is different. In this guide, we aim to assist you in determining what type of home renovation is best suited to, and most affordable for, your property. Taking the time to make informed decisions concerning your home renovation and extension can assist you in securing the ideal price for the design that you require.

Major home renovation costs

A major home renovation can include a redesign which may involve removing walls to transform a few smaller rooms into one larger space, as well as extending your home on the ground level. Single-storey extensions and major home renovations tend to suit properties with large backyards or those situated on acreage. But it’s important to find a home extension builder who won’t just add on a room or two without considering the liveability of your entire house. When undergoing a ground floor extension to open up your home and create more space, it’s integral to contemplate how the existing rooms in your house can be altered to produce the living quarters that you’re envisioning for the future of your family. Your single-storey extension must flow seamlessly with the rest of the house for it to add value to your property.

One of the biggest factors to consider regarding the cost of a ground floor extension is the condition of the land you intend to build on. Remember that levelling the ground and laying a new foundation can be a costly exercise. Be sure to compare quotes outlining the extent of the foundation preparations for a ground floor extension, with the cost of a second-storey addition. You may find that building up is cheaper as there is already a base to work upon.

Second-storey home extension costs

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Despite what many homeowners believe, you do not always need to vacate your home while a second-storey extension is being built. It is possible to live in your house while these renovations are carried out, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day life. This can save you a lot of money if you were planning on factoring rental expenses into your budget while building work was undertaken! Another common misconception surrounding second-storey additions is that you must raise the whole roof. You don’t have to double your entire home’s floor plan! It’s possible to add a second storey onto just one section of your house. One or two new rooms can make all the difference in regards to creating more space for your growing family. Working with an architect and builder experienced in second storey extensions can help you to find a solution to a more spacious home within the constraints of your budget.

House raising & up and under home extension costs

How much does a home extension cost? | Total Lifestyle Builders | Home Extensions Brisbane

Many owners of heritage homes simply resign themselves to the fact that renovations and extensions are not within their reach. But creating more room in these traditional buildings is definitely possible! House raising is an ideal solution to cramped homes built on stilts or stumps, such as Queenslanders. It’s possible to raise the house, preserving its heritage features, and build underneath. This process is sometimes also called up and under extensions. Whether you’re looking for extra garage or storage space, additional living quarters or to protect a home situated on a floodplain, house raising may be the right solution for you. An up and under extension can cost anywhere between $250,000 to $500,000 depending on the extent of the renovations you wish to undertake with your newly created space. Building rooms underneath will clearly cost more than leaving the space open for a carport. But there’s always the option of only filling in a portion of the area below the raised house in accordance with your budget.

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We hope this article has provided you with a clearer understanding of the costs involved with these three different types of home extensions. If you wish to obtain a more accurate quote specific to the renovation of your unique property, contact Total Lifestyle Builders today. We can assist you to find a solution to your home extension requirements that fit with your budget. Moreover, we’re committed to helping you stick to that budget by providing a fixed price estimate upon signing a building contract with us. At Total Lifestyle Builders, we believe that home extensions shouldn’t involve massive financial surprises!

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