House renovation ideas: before and after

House renovation ideas: before and after
February 7, 2019 Total Lifestyle Builders

Whether you want to add more space for guests, create a parents retreat or simply commit to that major renovation you’ve always wanted, Total Lifestyle Builders can help you bring your vision to life.

Keep reading to discover two of our favourite renovations and see the houses before and after their renovations.

Before and after major house renovations. Ideas for major house renovations and extensions.

Resort Style Living

The McKinnon’s bought their beautiful character home with plans to renovate and expand the space to suit their family. The original house featured a unique layout with a courtyard and pool, creating a central focal point. Although the house represented the epitome resort style living, it lacked space. For two years the McKinnon’s used their garage as a gym and made do with a small room for their growing children. They contracted Total Lifestyle Builders to reclaim the garage and develop a living space for their kids.

Keeping the original features

With any major renovation and extension, the owner has a choice to either create a seamless addition by keeping the original features of the home or modify the look to suit a new theme they are trying to achieve. In this case keeping the original features were vital with the Mckinnon’s. Along with the ‘resort feel,’ the McKinnon’s house featured a two-pitched roof and cathedral ceilings. These features, of course, brought challenges to the design process, but Total Lifestyle Builders was ready to take on the challenge!

The process

To create the space the McKinnon’s had always dreamt of, we demolished their existing bedrooms. In their place, we built a new family room and gym located behind the garage. These rooms open out onto the pool and courtyard area. Then, we built up! Three large bedrooms were built with ensuites and individual balconies overlooking the pool. The house was then rendered to bring the exterior up to date, and to tie the new and old features together.

Before and after major house renovations. Ideas for major house renovations and extensions.

The Ultimate Master Suite

Kids moved out and dreaming of adding an extension? That’s exactly what Cobcrofts did. After their children moved out of home and started their own families, the semi-retired couple decided it was time to create a space for themselves and develop an additional space for guests. After careful consideration, the Cobcrofts decided the best solution to their requirements would be to build a second-storey extension and add a new master suite, living area, and office space upstairs while developing guest accommodation for their family downstairs.

The process

Although there was nothing structurally wrong with Cobcroft’s house, it was dated and its exterior looked tired and worn. Their decision to add a second-storey extension allowed them to provide their home with a much-needed facelift as well as creating extra space for their guests.

Creating a focal point

To draw eyes away from the garage and enhance curb appeal, we paid close attention to the entrance of the home. Adapting the front entry, we added a balcony above the entrance, drawing the eyes up and away from the garage. We also extended the existing piers on the front facade. Further features were replicated throughout the extension, including detailing around the window, creating a seamless extension.

The result

The final design ensured the Cobcroft’s everyday living needs were met upstairs, providing much more flexibility and privacy in how they used their home, especially when family visited. Finished with a stylish, modern look with simple, classic elements, the Cobcroft’s home ticks all the boxes.

Want to see more samples of our work? Take a look at our before and after gallery.

Are you thinking of extending? Total Lifestyle Builders can design a major renovation to suit your needs. Contact us today to create more space on your property and enjoy the benefits of having a worthwhile investment under your belt!

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