Guest Room Makeover

Guest Room Makeover
November 29, 2013 Total Lifestyle Builders
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Over the holiday season, most people will either have guests stay over or are the guests visiting others. While it’s wonderful to catch up with family and friends you may not always see, the guest will often find themselves feeling homesick and missing the comforts of their own home.

If you are having guests over this holiday season, this year why not add some simple and easy touches to your guest room, giving it a 5 star touch and making it a space your guests won’t want to leave. Not only will they love the care and attention you’ve put into preparing the room for them, but it will also make it a lot easier for yourself, having everything your guests may need already there.

We’ve had a look on Pinterest and across the internet and compiled the best ideas we found:


Before you start making any additions to the room, start off with a nice and thorough clean over. While you may not prioritise dusting throughout the year, it’s important to do so before your guests arrive to ensure the room doesn’t smell stuffy and isn’t going to bring about any allergies. For a nice touch, add some lavender oil to the room when dusting or vacuuming.


A guest room can often turn into a storage and junk room, so a tidy up and reshuffle is a must before your guests arrive. Get rid of any unnecessary furniture that may be crowding up the room. Ideally you should limit the furniture to only a bed, side tables and chest of drawers, unless the wardrobe has shelving. If there is still space you could also add an occasional chair and dressing table.


A luggage stand is an extra cute touch, but even more practical is to provide sufficient storage for putting clothes away or hanging up for your guests. Try to allow as much as space as possible in the wardrobe for your guests and provide plenty of coat hangers. You should also clear away some of your own décor items or general bits and pieces that normally fill the side tables, chest of drawers and dressing table.

guest room cart

Photo courtesy of A Beautiful Mess.

Guest Cart / Basket

A common idea we came across, which creates a hotel-feel to your guest room, is a welcome basket or cart. Over time you can fill it up with all those little goodies you might receive in a hotel, or things you would love to receive as a guest. Not to mention, with the drama of packing before a holiday, important things often get forgotten and left behind. You may want to include some snacks, water, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, band aids, etc.


Instead of fitting the spare bed with your old, ripped sheets, purchase a set of good-quality sheets for your guests to sleep comfortably in. If you have already purchased nice linen, try washing them with rice starch, adding it to the rinse cycle for a luxurious and soft, yet crisp feel. Another great touch is to also wash the pillows so they smell fresh and clean too. They can be easily washed in the machine on a gentle, cold cycle using shampoo instead of washing powder and placed in the machine facing either side of the drum.


If you want to make the room as versatile and comfortable as possible, dimmable lighting is a great option. For a less permanent option though, having lamps on either bedside will also do the trick.


We’ve all experienced staying at a hotel or as a guest in someone’s home and everything is great about it… except for the sun shining in and waking you up at the crack of dawn. To combat this issue, take some care and consideration in choosing curtains for the room. Depending on where the window is situated, you may get away with just plain patterned curtains in a light colour, or if you do need to block out the sun and keep the room cool, blinds may be your best option.

Finishing Touches

Why not finish off your guest room makeover with some finishing touches like in a hotel: extra blankets and pillows, towels, fresh flowers, candles, magazines, a local map, spare key, etc. You may even want to go as far as writing up a list of local shops and amenities, for example the closest chemist, ATM or supermarket.

For more ideas check out our Pinterest board and give your guest room a makeover this weekend.

*Featured image courtesy of Pinterest.

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