Five Reasons to Renovate Rather Than Relocate

Five Reasons to Renovate Rather Than Relocate
November 30, 2016 Total Lifestyle Builders

As you go through different stages of your life, your home needs change. A house that once suited your requirements as a young couple may be a bit too small once your new baby is born. Likewise, a family home that once fit your four children and all of their things might now seem too big and empty for you as a retired couple.

While it might seem tempting to pack up, sell and move to a more suitable home – this isn’t always the best or most cost effective solution.

Renovating your home can be a fun and simple way to create the changes you need, without stepping foot out the door. Here are our top 5 reasons for renovating!

1. You will increase the value of your home

By renovating your house to suit your new needs, you’ll consequently be revamping it to appear newer and more modern. This modernisation will help to increase your real estate market value, which will come in handy if you do ever do decide to sell.

If you want to ensure that your renovations fit with what potential buyers are interested in, we can help tailor solutions.


2. You won’t lose your neighbourhood

If you’ve been living in your house for a long time, you’ll most likely be accustomed to your area – including the people, the route to and from work, the bus timetables, your kid’s schools, etc.

Unless you’ve had a dispute with a neighbour and don’t think you could stand living beside them another year, there’s no reason to re-familiarise yourself with a whole new area of town.


3. A new colour can sometimes provide a new perspective

Are you a believer in the psychological powers of colours? If you’re not looking to expand or downsize, maybe running a fresh coat of paint over your walls is all the change you need to keep things interesting.


4. You don’t have the hassle of changing your postal address

This may seem like a silly one, but anyone who’s moved multiple times in their lives will know that changing your address on every single account and bill you’ve got set up, every time you move, is a huge annoyance. Save yourself the stress and get some refurbs done instead.


5. You don’t have the burden of packing up every single item in your house

We’re not going to sugarcoat it – moving is a massive pain in the backside. If you’re in the “kids have grown up and left home” stage of your life, you’ll no doubt have a whole lot of excess junk that is going to take what feels like an eternity to pack up and ship over to the new house.

Renovating one room of your house at a time means you will still be able to sort through the stuff but at a much slower pace.

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