Donating Shelterboxes

Donating Shelterboxes
October 7, 2015 Total Lifestyle Builders


As part of Total Lifestyle Builders’ ongoing commitment to helping those most in need, we will be donating a $1000 Shelterbox for every home extension built.

All of our clients will receive their own tracking code for the Shelterbox so you can see exactly where it goes and who it is helping.


So what is Shelterbox?

Shelterbox Australia are an organisation created in 2000 to provide emergency shelter and vital supplies to support communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster and humanitarian crisis.   They have been on the ground in hundreds of countries, delivering much needed help and supplies to people in need; from the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the Haiti earthquake and the Pakistan floods.  A Shelterbox is a way of providing real, concrete assistance to those in need, with a quick response time.

Right now, Shelterbox is responding to the massive disaster in Nepal, distributing boxes to hospitals so that patients won’t be treated in the open air.

Their Vision

“A world in which all people displaced by disasters and humanitarian crises are rapidly provided with emergency shelter and vital aid, which will help rebuild their communities and lives.”


What is in a Shelterbox

  • A relief tent for up to 10 people, designed to withstand harsh environmental factors
  • Thermal blankets and groundsheets
  • A basic tool-kit for self-sufficiency
  • Kitchen and cooking equipment including a stove
  • Drawing materials for the children,
  • A water purifier, and
  • the box itself

For more details on these amazing boxes, visit

Photos courtesy of ShelterboxAustralia

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