Decorating Measurement Tips

Decorating Measurement Tips
February 21, 2013 Total Lifestyle Builders
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Redecorating your home is always an exciting task, but are you often left wondering, where should I hang this, where should I place that? We have come across a great blog, Driven by Décor, providing interior decorating advice for measurement rules of thumb.  

The Driven by Décor blog has a very helpful and easy to follow guide on hanging artwork, curtains, light fixtures, rugs, ceiling fans and dining table and chairs. The author, Kris is American, meaning all the measurements are all inches/feet, so we’ve converted some of the tips into centimetres for easier use.

A bold piece of artwork does wonders for a room, but only if it is hung correctly can it fulfil its potential. Kris recommends a single piece of artwork should hang at eye level, placed approximately 142-150cm from the floor, depending on size.

When hanging larger pieces of art together, you should allow a 5cm space between, and less of a gap for smaller pieces. If you are hanging artwork above furniture, pick something that is two-thirds the width of the furniture. Kris also recommends allowing a 10-20cm gap between the furniture and artwork.

Curtains are an easy way to spruce up a room, plus there’s the bonus of them actually providing a purpose! When purchasing drapery panels, you should be looking for ones that are two or three times the width of your window. To make your window appear taller Kris recommends fitting drapery rods 10-20cm above the window casing. Whereas if you want your window to appear wider and allow more light in, try lengthening the drapery rods a further 10-25cm past the window casing.

Buying a beautiful rug that matches your colour scheme is not enough; it also needs to fit into the overall space of your room. Kris recommends allowing a gap of anywhere between 25-45cm between a rug and the wall, and 20cm in a smaller room. When buying a rug for under the dining table, it needs to be 60cm (length and width) bigger than the table, meaning the chairs will remain on the rug when pushed out.

In her final tip, Kris discusses the best measurements for dining tables and chairs. To find the perfect set for your room, consider the distance between any walls or furniture, and the space needed for moving around the area. By leaving a gap of 75-90cm between the back of chairs and any furniture/wall, it will enable plenty of space to pull chairs in and out.

If buying mix-matched tables and chairs, keep in mind the ideal space between a chair seat and table top is approximately 30cm. You should aim to buy chairs that sit higher than the table top, and if you are buying different side chairs to end chairs, make sure the end chairs are taller.

For more measurement rules of thumb, check out the Driven by Décor blog.

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