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Choosing the Right Vanity

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A vanity is one of the most important parts of a bathroom. If you get the vanity incorrect the chances are the rest of the bathroom won’t work either. It is an integral part of a bathrooms functionality. But how do you go about choosing the perfect vanity for your bathroom?

Bathrooms are generally smaller spaces so you’ll want to consider the rest of the room in your planning. Your bathroom should flow well and for this to be a success, you don’t want vanity cupboard doors hitting anything else in the room. Along with this you should also consider how the shower and bathroom doors affect the vanity. Furthermore, you need the vanity and the areas around it to be accessible for cleaning. And finally, take into consideration windows, the light that they add and the space they will take up. Your vanity should work in conjunction with your windows, not replace or obscure them.

Always consider plumbing when looking for a vanity. If you need to change existing plumbing it will take up a considerable amount of your budget. And if not, you’ll have to allow for the vanity to fit in the space provided on that wall. Furthermore, changing from a floor vanity to a wall mounted vanity will mean adapting plumbing.

Materials used in bathrooms should always be sealed, waterproof and appropriate for moist and humid conditions. As well as this, you’ll also want a durable vanity that’s easy to keep clean.

Bathrooms are most practical when you incorporate the right amount of storage. The right amount of storage for your needs can be worked out by having a big clean out. Only put back the things you really use and then allow for 20% more space. This will give you the perfect amount of storage for your needs.

Size, height and scale
No matter what your storage needs, a vanity that is too big for the size of the bathroom is a big no. If you have a smaller bathroom consider opting for a smaller vanity. Although you’ll lose a little bit of storage the scale will make the whole space flow better.


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