Benefits of Raising Your Brisbane House

Benefits of Raising Your Brisbane House
November 22, 2018 Total Lifestyle Builders

Whether you want to add some bedrooms or completely reconfigure your house’s layout, raising your Brisbane house is a great way to find more space in your home. From vintage Queenslanders to post-war cottages, at Total Lifestyle Builders, we are able to raise all kinds of homes and give you that extra required space.

Can my house be raised?

When homeowners investigate ways of creating more space in their houses, they’ll often consider extending out the first or second floor. Many don’t think about the third option, which can be very convenient for homes in Queensland: up and under extensions.
House raising is another great way to increase the living area of your house. It can be a more attractive alternative than building out or up. In low lying areas where flooding may occur or in areas subject to overland flow, people may choose to raise a house to lift it above the threat.
Not all houses are able to be raised. If the house is brick, brick veneer or on a concrete slab it generally cannot be raised. If the house is timber-framed, located on timber or concrete stumps, or on lower brick or concrete piers we can usually raise it.

Achieve more space in your home by raising it, raise your Brisbane home and increase your property value.

Doubling the floor space, giving greater flexibility.

Raising a house in Brisbane doubles the floor area of a house, which leads to a great deal of flexibility with the house’s configuration. You can choose to have your bedrooms upstairs and living areas downstairs. Maybe you can add more garage space, a larger laundry or even additional bedrooms, all while retaining the upstairs layout. You can even try any combination of these. It’s whatever suits your particular needs and wants.
Many older houses were built in the centre of a block leading to poor utilisation of the available land. Generally, if a house is able to be raised it can also be “slid” to another part of the block. This can be affected by council clearance requirements and the topography of the block, as sliding a house requires more support than simply raising the house. Make sure that you get a comprehensive quote to do so.

Raising houses is common in South East Queensland and has long been a viable option when considering extensions. Be aware that you’ll need building approval from your local council along with engineering and design plans. Electricity, water and sewer/drainage lines have to be disconnected from the house to raise it, meaning it is not possible to live in the house during raising. Furniture and appliances may be left in the house in many circumstances, depending upon the extent of modifications. But make sure you check with your builder during the design stage. Make sure that you put plenty of thought into what your requirements are so these can be incorporated into the design.

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How do I raise my house?

When a house is raised, beams are placed under the floor if required. The house is then separated from its foundation and it is raised by hydraulic jacks. New columns, wall or stumps are constructed as required and the floor is then lowered down onto these new foundations.
Raising a house is a great way to increase the utility and liveability of your house while maintaining all the reasons you live in the location.

At Total Lifestyle Builders, we are leading experts on raising houses across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. If you want more space for your family and more flexibility with your home, contact us today for a quote. Be sure to also check out our before-and-after gallery to find some inspiration for your home extension!

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