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Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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bathroom decorating ideas

If your bathroom is tired and dated, short of ripping the whole thing out and installing a new one, there’s always the option to give it a makeover. This can be as simple as switching out the accessories or, if you want to invest a bit more, updating the painting, fixtures and lighting. We’ll start with the simplest upgrades first.

Declutter, Store & Accessorize
Nothing makes a bathroom look outdated quicker than a bunch of empty shampoo bottles in the shower, old soaps, and general mess. Give your bathroom a good clean out (and a good clean) and it will instantly look a million times better.

If there are items you want to keep, and you’re short on storage (and you have room) look at adding an extra stand alone cabinet, baskets or a new shower caddy to keep thing under control.

There may also be items that your bathroom is sorely in need of. A rubbish bin is a useful addition, as is a soap dish or soap pump, and a trendy toothbrush holder. Other elements that can make your bathroom look, fresher, are new towels, a new bathmat and new shower curtain in an accent colour. A vase of flowers or scented candle can also brighten the space and make it more pleasant to spend time in.

Hardware Upgrade
Swapping out your bathroom’s hardware such as the towel rail, toilet roll holder, and cabinet drawer knobs, etc. can be a quick and affordable fix. More modern hardware will instantly give it a lift and is a simple DIY job. For a more expensive option get the cabinetry, bath or shower replaced with newer models.

Lighting Upgrade
Perhaps the best upgrade you can do for your bathroom that is still on the cheaper side is changing out your lighting. This involves replacing outdated fixtures, adding extra ones and changing the bulbs to make the room look fresher and larger, especially if it’s on the dark side. A single ceiling fixture often doesn’t give a bathroom enough light for tasks such as shaving or putting on makeup. This upgrade will require an electrician if you have an older home and aren’t confident in switching out lighting fixtures.

Painting & Tiling
Once you’ve upgraded the lighting giving it a paint or installing tiling is another decoration upgrade you either can do yourself or bring in the professionals. If it’s on the small side, then go for a lighter paint and tile colour for the walls. Matching these, keeping them both white for example, will make the room appear larger and extending the tile right up to the ceiling will give the room a sense of height.

Flooring Upgrade
This upgrade can be as inexpensive or expensive as your budget allows for materials. DIY options include replacing the existing flooring with vinyl, tiles or wooden planks. However, since it is a bathroom, you will need to prep the area properly, and get in a waterproofer to ensure there are no leaks. This may be a job best left to a professional if you want the whole process to be done smoothly and efficiently.


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