The Ultimate Master Suite


The Ultimate Master Suite

When your children have moved out and started families of their own,  it may be time to reconsider how your home works for your new lifestyle.  This is the situation the Cobcrofts found themselves in.

After consideration, the semi-retired couple decided that a new Master Suite upstairs along with guest accomodation downstairs for family visits would be a practical layout.  By incorporating an ensuite, living area, and office space in the upstairs suite, the Cobcroft’s everyday living needs would be simply and easily catered for.


The Process

The existing house was quite dated and tired looking. A second-level extension was the perfect solution to not only providing the Cobcrofts with the extra space they needed, but to also give their home a much needed facelift.  The final design achieved a stylish, modern look with simple, classic elements.

Attention to Detail

During the planning process we paid attention to the front entry area. Our aim was to create a main focal point for the home & draw attention away from the garage. This was done by placing a balcony above the entrance & extending the existing piers/columns on the front facade to create an entrance Portico. Attention to detail is paramount when delivering a high quality home extension.  Various facade features were replicated to retain the connection between the existing and new sections of the  building; the stepped treatment under the fascia, detailing around the windows, and the extension of the ground floor piers.

The Ultimate Master Suite

In order to balance the look of the new extension and assist with cross-ventilation, the upstairs layout was designed to spread across the front of the house.  A front balcony was added to extend the ground floor entry and give the whole house a classicly grand feeling.  By adding a living area and office / study to the traditional master suite layout, the Cobcroft’s everyday living needs were met upstairs, providing much more flexibility and privacy in how they used their home, especially when family visited.

Specialised Engineering

Due to the nature of the Cobcroft’s needs, the upper-level design had to accommodate “library loads”,  but with the existing house built on a “waffle slab”, special engineering consideration had to be given.  Additional structural support was created by opening-up some of the waffles in the existing slab and filling them with concrete to create new footings.  This was a challenge because the client was living in the house while we worked around them, so we were careful to minimise intrusion onto their everyday life.

And the client…

“We needed more room to meet our specific needs.  It was either sell-up and move or extend.  As we love living in Bridgeman Downs, we didn’t particularly like the idea of moving.  We had seen two rebuilds in our area which had been done by Total Lifestyle Builders and were impressed, so we decided to canvas them for ideas.We had Total Lifestlye Builders add an upper storey which has a new master bedroom and ensuite, a large walk-in-robe, a living area and a combined office/library. Everyone comments that the additions look like part of the original house as they have been very skilfully blended into the existing structure.Life is much easier now; we are much better organized whether it is in our wardrobe or our office.  We can see what we are doing now whereas before we had to fumble around which is both frustrating and time wasting. Certainly, the building team were an absolute pleasure to work with, very competent and most obliging – you couldn’t do better.”

Merv & Theresa Cobcroft


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