The Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch

A blended family can literally double your home requirements in one go. With 7 children between them ranging from primary-school age through to young adults, this is exactly the problem which faced the Riley’s.

Before Total Lifestyle Renovation

They loved their existing home and neighbourhood but needed much more space to transform it into the family home of their dreams.


The Process

The design process for the Riley home was very complex and involved. The Riley’s had a very specific vision in mind and were prepared to take the time to resolve all design issues and to get it ‘just right’. After 12 months, they were ready to build.

The large second-level extension managed to provide a bedroom for each child and a separate living area for Mum and Dad and the kids. Having a new outdoor entertainment and dining area was a must and the extra car parking makes life much easier for such a large family.

Good Looking Industrial

The existing home was a typical 1960s style box home and we continued with the simple lines by creating a modern industrial look.  To soften the harsh lines, louvres were added to the external walls along with timber louvres inside.  They not only look great, they bring in a huge amount of natural light and air flow through the home.  The timber battens over the cladding, screens and fencing help to unify the design while again softening the simple lines of the house.  The overall design is simple and industrial while still retaining the warmth and character of a family home.


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