Space For Guests

Space For Guests

The Chua family were tired of living in their small, dated home. With two children and regular visitors from overseas, they needed room to live and they didn’t want to leave their community.

Before Total Lifestyle Renovation

The decision to build a second level made the most sense. The family wanted a home where the bedrooms were clearly separated from the living spaces and a fresh, modern look to the exterior.


The Process

Wanting to make sure any improvements to their house would increase its value was a major priority for the Chua’s. They were very involved in the design process, which took time to perfect. The final result provided the family with all the space they needed while raising the property’s value significantly.

Sleeping Quarters

To separate the bedrooms from the living space, they were all moved upstairs. The design included a master bedroom with ensuite and WIR.  The children each got their own room with a shared bathroom. The original master bedroom was converted into a guest room for travelling relatives.

The kitchen is the heart of the home

With the bedrooms relocated upstairs, the team at Total Lifestyle Builders created a large, family friendly living space downstairs by placing a generous, modern kitchen at the heart of the home and living areas surrounding.  This resulted in room for all members of the family to be together or have their own space while retaining an open feel.

A Beautiful Exterior

Externally, the carport was enclosed to form a garage and a new portico was added to create a front entry way, giving the home a much more substantial facade. The extension and work to the front of the house have transformed a ‘nice’ house into a special home with great street appeal.

And the Client…

“The attention to detail was obvious as the house now presents itself beautifully from the street and it’s actually quite hard to tell which part was actually extended, it all blends in so well! We were also delighted with the service we got from the carpenters and other trades on site, all of whom were friendly and courteous, they really respected our needs from beginning to end. We are so happy with the results!”

Alan & Felicity Chua


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