A View To Die For

A View To Die For

Capitalising on the fantastic views from their Auchenflower home was a major factor in deciding to ‘build up’ for the Jones-Angell’s.


Before Total Lifestyle Renovation

Total Lifestyle Builders had been recommended by a friend, and after discussions, the Jones-Angell’s felt comfortable that TLB had the experience and expertise to do the job. As an interior designer (Masterpiece Enterprises), Christine had very clear ideas on what she wanted from her home and came to Total Lifestyle Builders with plans already drawn up. The Jones-Angell’s wanted to add a master bedroom with ensuite, entertainment area and home theatre to their second level extension, making the most of newly found panoramic views of the city and Southbank.


The Process

Working with existing plans, our architects were able to work with Christine and Mike to adjust the design and include an extra home office space. A combination of ideas, the highest quality construction and Christine’s stunning interior design have resulted in an amazing home with spectacular views from the new second level extension.

What the client thought…

“We wanted panoramic city views, home theatre and large master bedroom and Ensuite. The increase in the value of the house, because of the fantastic views and the space significantly outweigh the expense of the renovation.”

Christine & Mike Jones-Angell


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