6 dreamy ways to utilise extra space with a home extension

6 dreamy ways to utilise extra space with a home extension
May 6, 2019 Total Lifestyle Builders

Imagine if you had the extra space in your home that you’ve always dreamed of? If you’re planning to extend your home, you probably have some ideas of how you will use the extra space. But what if you end up with a little more space than expected? In this blog, we take a look at some dreamy ways to utilise the extra space you’ll gain with an extension.

Before you begin an extension, there are some key questions you should ask yourself about your lifestyle to narrow down how you would utilise extra space. For example, do you love to entertain, and if so, where do your guests sit? Where do you eat dinner? Do you like to get away to a quiet space to relax in the sun? All these things are important to consider before you finalise plans for an extension. Of course, at Total Lifestyle Builders, during the design process, our experienced team will work with you to provide options tailored to fit your lifestyle. Keep reading to find out some ideas to utilise extra space!

6 dreamy ways to utilise extra space with a home extension | Total Lifestyle Builders | Home Extensions Brisbane

Sick of the hustle and bustle of your own house? Are you looking for a quiet area to relax and unwind without being disturbed? A parents retreat could be the perfect solution! Whether you only want to add a separate bedroom, walk-in wardrobe and an ensuite. Or, you want to take it to another level and add a library, office or balcony to sit and read a book, the opportunities are endless!

Take a look at a renovation we completed to add a luxurious master suite.

A guest bedroom

No, we don’t mean blowing up a mattress and sticking it on the lounge room floor! A guest bedroom should aim to be functional, comfortable and cosy. Your guest should feel like they have their own space and feel right at home. If you find it difficult fitting you and your family in your house, let alone extra guests, a guest bedroom is a perfect solution. An extra bedroom will also ensure you still have privacy when people are visiting. Or, give your guests the space to move around without disturbing the rest of the household with separate guest quarters and bathroom.

Take a look at how we extended this family home to ensure guests had space to relax.

Entertaining area

Entertaining in Queensland is all about relaxing on the deck, wine in hand, snags sizzling on the barbie and enjoying the summer sun. So, if you love entertaining, especially outside, why not convert your small deck to a large, all-encompassing entertainment area. After all, nothing says footy season like watching the footy on the deck with a beer in hand, surrounded by mates. But don’t stop there – get imaginative with your entertainment area, add an outdoor kitchen, a bar or even add a new wine cellar inside like you’ve always dreamt.

Take a look at this full house renovation we completed, with an exquisite entertaining area and wine cellar!

Utilise the view

6 dreamy ways to utilise extra space with a home extension | Total Lifestyle Builders | Home Extensions Brisbane

Know that somewhere in the distance there’s a beautiful view from your home? Don’t just dream about it; make sure you can see it with a second storey extension! While you’re at it, why not change the layout of your house? Whether you want to make the upstairs a kids area or you want to move all the bedrooms upstairs, there are so many options with a second storey extension.

Read our case study to see how we utilised the hidden views of this home with a second storey extension.

Do you want to create a dreamy, functional space in your home? Total LIfestyle Builders are experts in second storey extensions, up and under extensions and major renovations. No matter your dream, our team of experts can work with you to make it a reality.

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