4 Extension Ideas if you Want Space to Entertain Guests

4 Extension Ideas if you Want Space to Entertain Guests
January 31, 2020 Total Lifestyle Builders

Are you the kind of person who loves to spend time with your friends and family but doesn’t have enough space for entertaining guests or hosting dinner parties? We have the perfect solution for you!

From dual indoor/outdoor spaces to in-home bars and everything in between, there are countless possibilities for the type of extension you can build for entertaining guests.
Below are some of our favourite ideas:

Indoor/Outdoor Entertaining Space

If you want to build an extension for entertaining family and friends, an indoor/outdoor space is the perfect solution since they offer variety and choice. The outdoor space is ideal for enjoying the Australian sun, but if your guests need to cool down, they can head indoors and still enjoy the natural light and atmosphere. These spaces often feature a kitchen area indoors and a dining/seating area outdoors. Below are some tips for creating a seamless entertaining zone:

  • Incorporate lots of windows and glass doors into the indoor space so that you’re bringing the outdoors in and creating a smooth transition. You may even want to think about, including skylights.
  • Use the same flooring both inside and outside
  • Use bi-fold doors so that you can lose the wall dividing the indoor and outdoor area whenever you please
  • Use some of the indoor features and finishes outside, and vice versa
  • Create atmospheric lighting outside so that your outdoor space can be used after sunset

Al Fresco Dining

As we head into Summer, we’re feeling very inspired by outdoor areas, so why not build an extension with a terrace for some rooftop dining and allow your guests to soak up some vitamin D (don’t forget to slip slap slop first, though). Whether it be an elegant evening of cocktails with friends or a casual barbecue for all the family, this is a versatile space which can be enjoyed by everyone. Also, a terrace is an excellent way to make the most of any views that you might have and will create a lovely backdrop for dinner parties.

A Games Room and Lounge

An extension with a games room or lounge is an excellent option for all the family, particularly if you have teenage children. Teenagers often crave a bit of space to themselves, especially when they want to have friends over. A games room is the ideal ‘chill out’ zone for both you and your children. You can include anything that your family is interested in in your games room from a pool table or air hockey table to a TV with games consoles and couches. This is also a great way to resolve the age-old arguments of who gets to decide what to watch on tv and who gets to bring their friends over.

An In-home Bar

If you would like to create a more adult-centric entertaining space, a bar area in your house might be the perfect solution. This can be the ideal place to gather with friends on a Saturday night and share a beer or a whiskey. Often, it can be helpful to build your bar using wood and have an exposed brick wall to create a more authentic bar feel. If you want to get creative, you can even turn some old alcohol barrels into seats for your guests.

At Total Lifestyle Builders, we are experts when it comes to house renovations and house extensions. We understand that a house is more than just a building; it’s about the lifestyle you live and the people you get to share it with. We will work with you to redesign your home in such a way that perfectly suits your needs and the needs of your family. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, get in touch with us today!

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