3 Home Improvement Tasks to do This Spring

3 Home Improvement Tasks to do This Spring
July 20, 2018 Total Lifestyle Builders

Spring is here and gee are we excited for blooming flowers, long afternoons and balmy evenings perfect for BBQ’s in the backyard!

We’re also keen to get our hands stuck into a few home improvement tasks that we’ve been putting off over winter. Spring is the perfect time to dust the nooks and crannies of your house and open up all the windows to let light and air flow through the home. It’s also the ideal season to roll up your sleeves and knock over those chores to prepare your house for summer. Here are a few fun home improvement tasks that will refresh your house and banish that winter stuffiness.

Spruce up your outdoor entertaining area

Every Aussie loves a comfy, stylish outdoor entertaining area, whether it’s your patio, front porch, balcony, backyard or gazebo. Unless you have outdoor heaters installed, it’s probably fallen into disuse over winter or may be due for a facelift anyway. Spring is the perfect time to jump on new decor trends and refurbish old, worn furniture. It may be that your outdoor couches or chairs need a fresh lick of paint or crisp upholstery. You might like to spruce up your outdoor lighting with a few tiki torches or even install an abstract hanging light feature. A Mediterranean colour scheme tends to be popular for outdoor entertainment areas, with a focus on white with pops of colour in vibrant blues and earthy yellows. And a mosaic feature never goes astray, either! If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, you could even construct an outdoor kitchen. Cooking and dining al fresco is fun, relaxing and atmospheric – no more dinners spent with your eyes glued to the TV screen!

Get in on the potted and hanging plant hype

Everyone is raving about plants in the home lately, to the point where millennials love to talk about their ‘plant babies’ and will frequently find babysitters for them when they go on holiday. That’s because plants promote positive well-being both indoors and outdoors. Everyone should embrace their green thumb and care for a plant or two (or ten, or twenty!). The great thing about potted and hanging plants is that you can move them around your home according to where the sun and shade is, and according to the conditions they need to thrive during different seasons. Plants aren’t just there to look pretty either; they can deter common pests and improve air quality too! A few of the best pot plants to dot around your home this spring include:

    • Marigolds look lovely and as a bonus, deter mosquitos, which makes them perfect for your outdoor patio!
    • A pot plant of basil will be a fantastic addition to your outdoor kitchen and is also known to repel flies. Try placing pots either side of your back door to stop flies from buzzing in whenever anyone goes in or out of the house.
    • Gerbera daisies add a bright pop of colour to any indoor area and are known to remove benzene and formaldehyde from the air, two common ingredients in household sprays and cleaning products.
    • Aloe Vera plants may look a little spikey but are incredibly good at cleaning the air. They emit oxygen and can even help you get a better night’s sleep if you place one of these plants in your bedroom. The gel from the aloe vera plant’s stem is also great for healing cuts and soothing burns.

Think about creating more space

Springtime is synonymous with fresh, clean spaces. While it can be difficult to achieve a Cinderella level of cleanliness in the home (we can’t all have little birds dress us in the morning), it’s easy to create light and promote better airflow, which can vastly improve the look and feel of particular rooms. If you don’t have fly screens on your windows, spring is the best time to invest! They will prevent unsuspecting birds (willing to dress you or not) from flying into your glass panes and keep pests at bay during hot summer nights, while still harnessing those natural breezes. If you’re keen to undertake more extensive renovations, think about installing a few skylights in rooms that are lacking in windows. Natural light gives the impression of more space. Alternatively, you could try hanging an ornate mirror or decluttering your rooms for a cleaner, minimalist feel.

Does your home seem a bit cramped, no matter how much you declutter or redecorate? It may be that your house is just too small for the number of people living in it. In this case, it could be time for more serious renovations, such as extending or adding a second storey. Spring is the best time to do this as it isn’t too hot and stuffy yet for the workers, and the weather is generally fine to keep building on schedule.

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